How much are your motors really costing you?

ABB does not sell cheap motors and with good reason. Purchase price is only a very small portion of the "lifetime" cost attributed to the use of electric motors. Most people are surprised to learn in a 24hr / 7days a week operation, an electric motor can use, in power alone, up to 12 times its purchase

value in the first year. That's equivalent to the cost of a new motor every month for the rest of its life. This does not even take into consideration any costs attributed to loss of production due to an unfortunate breakdown. ABB believe it is more important to produce quality motors with a reliable , high efficiency design. This reduces energy costs, eliminates breakdowns, and saves money.

Depend on ABB Quality and Reliability

ABB continue to develop and invest in producing a better product with even higher levels of performance. Our "Process Performance" motors are particularly suited to demanding 24hr / 7day operations, where end users cannot afford the loss of production through breakdowns. These motors have considerably reduced temperature rises - typically around 60 ° C. This reduced operating temperature increases reliability and

gives the motors a much longer service life. It has been estimated that a 10-degree reduction in temperature can effectively double the service life of both the motor winding and bearings. These motors are backed up with a 3-year warranty .

ABB Motors and Drives - Competitive Solutions for End Users

The reduction of costs can impact a business significantly. By using ABB motors, this helps our customers become more competitive in their market. This saving can be enhanced with the use of an ABB Variable Speed Drive . Not only is there the benefit of improved control of the process, it also allows for better efficiency at lower speeds; therefore driving energy costs even lower. ABB have been manufacturing AC Variable Speed Drives since the mid 70's and today use patented technology to produce the most technologically advanced drives on the market. Together with an ABB motor, this package gives our customers the added security of compatibility - we guarantee it.
We have many customers who benefit from using ABB. This has helped us to become the largest supplier of motors and drives in the world today.

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